Our mission is to empower youth with real-world job skills to create music and artistic media.

We are a recording studio open to all ages. We offer media duplication, and live sound services while providing job training to youth. Modesto Sound has recorded over 500 artists, held hundreds of concerts, and recorded thousands of public service announcements for radio.

We are passionate about what we do and know that healthy programs for youth are of utmost importance. Hundreds of young people have attended our programs and come back time and time again to help our mission continue with their vibrant energy and enthusiasm.

We operate as a non-profit 501(c)3 organization for the benefit of the community. Modesto Sound networks with other organizations to maximize our efforts (and theirs). A group of professionals, young and old, volunteer their time to serve on our Board of Directors. We thank them and encourage others to join in our efforts (we meet the 1st Monday of each month 7:00-8:15pm) Please call Janet 209-573-0533 about attending our board meetings, she will give you the location that month; come and check it out!

Youth Program Testimonial from a Caring Grandmother

5 years ago I had a 10-year-old grandson, Tristan, who had a passion for music. Besides taking piano lessons, when summer came he was lost. I had heard about Modesto Sound through Rotary and called Brenda Francis to get more information. To our luck, the summer camp was starting the following week. I quickly signed Tristan up and have to say it was the highlight of the summer for him. As soon as we walked into the door it felt like home. There were numerous kids who also had a passion for music. The teachers were all musicians and connected with all the “campers”. He learned different types of music, participated in not only writing a song, but at the end of the week was actually able to perform on stage. He learned about sound equipment and recording. He was taken on field trips to radio stations, the Gallo Arts Center, State Theatre, California State University Stanislaus. He was taken on tours where sound systems were not only explained but available for hands on experience.

One summer led to another sound camp session, which led to another and so on. Through the course of the last 5 years, Tristan has excelled in music and is now writing, performing and recording original songs. He plays piano, drums, guitar, does vocals and writes. He has had some amazing recording sessions at Modesto Sound and has learned behind the scene the ins and outs of recording various instruments and coming out with an original CD.

Our community is fortunate to have this program for our youth. Modesto Sound is an opportunity for our children to have the ability to take their passion for music to another level. All the staff involved in this program are professional and are seen frequently at community events. Tristan is passionate about Modesto Sound and all the opportunities it has allowed him.

Thank You for keeping this program alive in our city!

Linda Gianelli

Your efforts help youth pursue their dreams with music and artistic media