LiVE Sound

Hire us and we’ll bring our sound system!

Professional Sound

  • Music Concerts
  • Fairs & Festivals
  • Meetings & Promotions
  •  Weddings & Dances
  • Parties & Holiday Events

Small System 

(Soundcraft GigRac 8 channels)

2 Main Speakers
2 Monitors (speakers for stage)
Sound Engineer(s)

Large System

(Mackie Onyx Mixer 16 channels)

with subwoofers 4000 watts

All equipment needed is included:

Shure microphones
microphone stands
power cables

Satisfied Customer Comments

I always like playing on your system. It just sounds good.

Marcelo Guitron from Nesta

My drummer did not complain about his monitors for the first time in two years. I had no problem hearing myself, the vocals were crystal clear. The only thing that bummed me out was that I couldn’t take the sound system home with me!

Neal from The Panduhs

Your prices are the lowest. The quote with equipment and engineers is the best deal around. Other companies wanted $2,500 and the lowest price (besides yours) was $1,300 but that included an in-kind sponsorship. Other years we have tried out sound companies and been disappointed because they show up with just a small set-up compared to what was promised.
Modesto Sound LIVE brought an enthusiastic and knowledgeable crew and made the day a fun event.  
They were very professional and easy to work with

Jeff Carnegie

Your efforts help youth pursue their dreams with music and artistic media